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23 October 2005

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS AND IMAGES :Destroyed Churches and Burned Bibles

Exclusive >>>>>>>>>>

Videos ::
- Destroyed Churches and Burned Bibles:

church_0_1.wmv | church_0_2.wmv
church_1_0.wmv | church_1_1.wmv | church_1_2.wmv
church_2_0.wmv | church_2_1.wmv | church_2_2.wmv

- Clashes :

clashes_0_0.wmv | church_0_1.wmv | church_0_2.wmv
clashes_1_0.wmv | church_1_1.wmv | church_1_2.wmv
clashes_2_0.wmv | church_2_1.wmv | church_2_2.wmv
 -24/7 Attacks, Day and Night
violence_0_0.wmv | violence_0_1.wmv | violence_0_2.wmv
violence_0.wmv | violence_1.wmv | violence_2.wmv | violence_3.wmv

- Arabic TV Coverage : 


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You going to the wrong place, you have to go protesting against the real killers, Mubarak, SSI, Government and Muslim brotherhood. Those who planned and excute the attacks, not the " Mob" as you mentioned

Posted by: 123 | 27 October 2005

Just had a friend send me this blog via email. This site will be passed around to many many people. Best of wishes to this blog and too all the Coptic Christians who are being persecuted.


Posted by: Jeff | 27 October 2005

All the Christians in the Middle east are being persecuted... We should all work sd one and have a louder voice in our homelands. More then 15 Churches in Iraq have been destoryed (blown up) in the past year.

Posted by: Iraqi Christian | 27 October 2005

we as followers of Christ should NOT fight back, that is not the Christian way. We are to work out our difference AS BEST as possible not resorting to violence or hatred.
[admin : I totally agree, but who said christian did anything to do with violence? Another thing, selfdefence is not violence... When you have 10k coming at you, you will do anything to protect your family and self]

Posted by: Marco | 27 October 2005

Marco, that's very easily said, sitting inside your nice home, at your computer. Put your place in there shoes. If it comes down to kill or be killed, I'm staying alive. I would protect myself and my family with extreme prejudice. By the way G-d said "Thall shall not murder" killing done in self defence, is not murder. It is perposterous you ask these people just to sit and take it.

Posted by: Jeff | 27 October 2005

So much for the "religion of peace"! Perhaps soon all "westerners" will realise that when the "war" on terror was declared, Islam took it seriously, and is responding accordingly. They know the issue is not "terror" but Islam, the Ummah and Dhimmitude. When will we wake up and understand, the enemy is within the gates and has murder in his eyes.
AS the Jewish people can testify, from their up-close-and-personal dealings with Islam, it' s a case of "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people".
I'm with you Jeff. Jesus didn't call us to be wimps.

Posted by: Gravelrash | 27 October 2005

BTW this will be my last post for today,others need too text :)

Marco you texted as follows :
"We are to work out our difference AS BEST as possible not resorting to violence or hatred."

The only problem is, you can't work out your differences if the opposing side simply wants you dead. You don't negotiate with people like this, you destroy them. Evil is not to be dealt with lightly, it is to be destroyed. Best wishes again too all Jew, Christian Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest.

Posted by: Jeff | 27 October 2005

What it comes down to is that the islamicists deep down know how flimsy their ideas are and are intensly AFRAID to have any kind of debate over whether islam is true or not. They know that any open dialog would expose the nakedness and shame of their position. So in their minds the best defense is a pre-emptive offence. Are there any muslims who would prove otherwise?

Posted by: Chris | 27 October 2005

I'm muslim as u knew from my name we arent fanatic extremists but we are strong n we can stop any body insult our messanger or our ilsam,what happened in alex isnt muslims mannars,i'aint sure about this cd,but if i'm sure i will take a hard decision and the pope should be punished
[Admin: WOW ... how come, in the same sentence you are cliaming that what happened is not islamic manners, but you want the pope to be PUNISHED ???]

Posted by: Mohammed | 27 October 2005

mohammed, ur people are insane fanatics!
first of all, who in their right mind attacks a church!? I have to say, when it comes to islam, you guys act like wild savages... and if you get offended by my comment, well then you should because your actions clearly support my argument. You kill people over a play?!?! Man, Christians have been through dirt and you never hear them rioting, killing, or destroying mosques. And you wonder why everyone says islam people are mentally unstable.
I read on the news muslims want to kill the pope.. POPE SHENOUDA III. u people are murders and nothing short of that. Maybe when you begin acting liek civilized individuals people will look at you as slightly decent.
You get offended from a play and u murder civilians and priests! yet christians are slaughtered at YOUR (muslim) hands and we're expected to stay silent.
Mohammed, if I were you, id think twice before I go around making bold statements about "punishing the pope". I think its you people who need major rehabilitation :)

Posted by: christian Salib | 27 October 2005

What happened is a shame on all of us. I was born and raised in Egypt as a Muslim and I am ashamed of my people. Shame on the previous post who said that his holiness the Pope "should be punished". Does he know the meening of freedom of Religion? Muslims have given themselves the right to punish, kill and burn and that is not the true Islam. Many were even happy after 9/11. God will not bless them as long as they oppress other religions and are arrogant and never control hate, violence and terrorism around the world. Remember when Muslims rioted and killed each other because of claims that the quran was desecrated in Guantanamo, which was a lie. Remember when they destroyed the Bhuda statues in Afghanistan. No respect to other religions. They give themselves the right to burn other holy books? May God bless the Christians of Egypt and the Pope.

Posted by: Nonie Darwish | 27 October 2005

"that is not the true Islam."

The world hears this, but does not see it. Actions are louder that simple words.

Posted by: Jeff | 27 October 2005

People do not realize how important the freedom of practising your own religon is until you live in a country where you live in fear that something may happen to you because of your belief. Christians in Egypt just want to be accepted in society without changing their religion to Islam but why do the muslims their have to make it so difficult? Why do people continue killing them and destroying the churches? People do not realize that the Muslims in Egypt (not all of them just the extreme ones) continue to do things such as what's going on right now because they were raised thinking it was ok. About the topic of the DVD in Alex...it's not even putting down Islam ..it's talking about extremist which as we all know exists so it should be stopped. Poeple just assume that it's more. This stuff just gets me mad and should not even being happening.

Posted by: Christine | 27 October 2005

Jesus teaches Peter...if you live by the sword, you'll die by the sword. The Coptic Church has survived persecution for over 1950 yrs. Its a promise that we'd be persecuted for His Names Sake. For muslims to kill, then they must be afaraid. over the years we've called your brothers, loved you as family, and over and over again, you tortoured the church. Don't you see ur mentalilty is not deemed fit for any socitey. ask yourslef y all the muslim nation are suffering.

Posted by: David | 27 October 2005

Our Lord said that when two meet in His name together, He is in their midst. Let us all pray together, all Christians, all around the world. Let us pray for God to have mercy on our poor souls. Humble yourself before the Lord and He shall lift you up. Let us bend our knees, and humble ourselves before our Master, and let us watch Him lift us up from this persecution.
Please keep me in your prayers

Posted by: Mina | 27 October 2005

Where to start?
First of all, allow me to congratulate the Egyptian Muslims for ruining one of the best countries on Earth. Before your arrival, St. Mark paid his blood to spread Christianity in Egypt, and once it was finally firmly established, Arab Muslims invade Egypt and bring the nation to its lowest point. Egyptian Muslims managed to solely destroy one of, it not THE greatest empire on Earth. So before you go around killing off Christians in Egypt, try to remember whose country this really belongs to!! And as for the play in question here, THANKS FOR COMFIRMING ALL STEREOTYPES! The play merely portrays a group of extremist Muslims trying to convert a Christian to Islam (or something along those lines).. And is that not happens in reality? And if its true that not all Muslims are extremists, then why should the Muslims care about how extremists were portrayed in this play? The riot only PROVES that the majority of Muslims got offended by this, meaning they associate themselves with the Muslims of the play who were, you guessed it, extremists! And is it not true that a while back a group of Muslims came up with a movie called “Ba7eb ElSeema” (or something like that) which completely BASHED Coptic Christians? But what did we do? Did we riot? No of course not, this is not the way of our Lord! But its just as well, I guess we should be used to persecution by now right? WRONG, but we endure for our Lord, and my prayers go out to all the Copts in Egypt right now… I hope and pray that all the Copts in Egypt are enduring this time of tribulation in faith and solidarity through Christ… And as for our neighbours the Muslims of Egypt, it’s a shame that we can’t live in harmony, but I implore you, before claming to be the religion of peace, try acting the part… rather than burning buildings, killing the innocent, and tearing down churches, try helping the less fortunate, lending a hand and spreading peace…

My prayers go out to my family in Egypt, Rabbina Ma3akom

Posted by: MN & SF | 27 October 2005

In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, One God. Amen.

It’s times like this where it is very easy to feel anger and bitterness and question what is happening and say "Lord, where art thou? Why are you not helping us through these times?" The reality is, however, the Lord will never leave anyone in times of distress.

Our faith has been established on the theme of perseverance and our church has been enriched by the blood of countless martyrs. This is not something new to the Coptic Orthodox Church. We are a richer and a more blessed church because of the experiences of our martyrs.

As for what is happening in Egypt today...some probably are saying we ought to turn the other cheek and others are saying we ought to fight a good fight. An ancient legal proverb says, "He who seek equity, must do equity." I challenge those in power in Egypt and each citizen of this country to ask themselves if equity is in fact taking place. The calling for the Christians is love and peace...Islam needs to show its true calling not through words but through its actions.

I challenge each and every person on this forum and across the world to pray because I believe the Power of the Victorious Cross will rein supreme forever. The Cross is a symbol of victory that no one could take away from you. Believe and trust in the Might of our Lord. He who was able to divide the Red Sea into parts, and free the Israelites is He who feed the thousands with five loaves and two fish will be the same HE WHO HEARS THE PLEA OF HIS CHILDREN IN EGYPT AND BRING THEM THROUGH THEIR STRIFE AT THE HANDS OF THEIR OPPRESSORS….

Believe in the Power of the Cross…We ought to Raise the Cross in our fight against the evil forces of Satan who is trying to use these moments to separate us from the Resurrected and Victorious Lord. God keep the life of our Honored Father Pope Shenouda III for many more years to come and bless the lives of all our fathers the bishops, priests, deacons and the all the laity of the Coptic Church in Egypt and throughout the world.

[Admin: God Bless, Let's pray all for the salvation of god in these crazy times]

Posted by: P. A. M. Saad | 27 October 2005

MN put things in a very good light...and I would like to add some more thoughts into that. The DVD is apparently based on the movie "el-erhaby" with 3adel emam... that movie clearly showed what muslim extremists are all about, fighting, war, strife and murder...but it glorified it...did muslims do anything? No! Why? It was MADE BY muslims and it looked "honorable"...it was a biased movie through and through...we make a play based on OUR perspective of it, with the same basic components of the same "high-grossing blockbuster movie" and we get attacked, killed and tortured? Well...thanks for proving our point...this definately doesn't seem like a religion of love to me...thats what my muslim friends preach...love...but have the PERSECUTED Copts seen that love...I highly doubt it. I've yet to see proof of the so called "basis" of your religion. Copts, we need to stand together and show that we will not be shaken.

Posted by: SF | 27 October 2005

Amen MN, SF, and P.A.M. Saad and all the others, the truth is being spoken.

Posted by: Nasrine | 27 October 2005

SF, i agree with your comment about the movie el erhaby. the situation is so biased as you said and the movie was commissioned and produced by a predominantly muslim team. I must have to agree with you because you raise a very good point my dear.

Posted by: Nasrine | 27 October 2005

I would like to remind everyone that we should stand together and pray together about this.
Prayer is a strong thing my friends! Prayer moved a WHOLE mountain. Prayer does miracles, and I am a big believer in prayer. Imagine every single Christian and everyone who does not believe in hate and violence prayign to gether in one accord, with lifting our hearts and minds to everyone in egypt who is being persecuted for being Christian.
I dont think we need to speak of the reality now because we all know whats going on, and what has been goign on for centuries. This is not news, but it is still overwhelming. Thinking with our human minds, we cannot begin to understand the purpose of this manslaughter. Our human minds would only ensue emotions of hatred/distraught/stress/sadness, and the list goes on. (many people probably feel that way)
Instead, we can look at this in a new light. Christianity is a religion full of saints and martyrs who have shed their blood for Christ. Christianity will continue to face such tribulations until the end of time. Christianity is a struggling religion based on faith in Christ. I feel that this is the time of Emperor Diocletian when he killed all the Christians at one time. We must steadfast in our faith in God, pray together, so that we may endure these times in peace.
I ask you Lord to remember all those who are beign persecuted for your name's sake. Please Lord, welcome them in your arms as little children who are lookign for their father. I ask you Lord to have mercy on all of us at this time, and until the end of times. Amen.

Posted by: Mariam | 27 October 2005

Certain Christian Establishment Church committees (e.g. the World Council of Churches, USA Presbyterians, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Christian Aid, to name but a few) are guilty of abandoning persecuted Christians in Moslem countries to their fate, as they are too busy lambasting Israel. They did not lift a finger to send aid and comfort (let alone demonstrate and protest and consider embargoes, etc.) to the black-Sudanese Christians who over the past 10 years have been the victims of mass ethnic-cleansing, forced conversion and enslavement (at least 1 million victims) by the Arab/Moslem-Sudanese majority, but they have time and money to bash Israel at every opportunity. When palestinian terrorists invaded the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem a few years ago and brutalized the monks, priests and worshippers there, not to mention desecrating the building itself, the establishment churches tried to put the blame on Israel even though the victims in the church itself had only praise for the Israeli forces who did their best not to harm the Church or the people taken hostage within. When Christians are persecuted in PA-occupied Bethlehem by terrorist groups and PA officials, again not a word of condemnation is heard against the perpetrators, but time is available for them to call meetings to discuss how best to punish Israel for the chutzpah of defending itself against genocide-bombers and other terrorists. In view of this, I am sure that they will continue to look the other way and likewise ignore the persecution of Egyptian Christians. After all, nothing must interfere with defaming, deligitimizing and thinking up new ways to "punish" the Zionists. Fortunately, groups of true believers in all the above-mentioned churches are bravely and staunchly taking a stand against the nefarious anti-Israel decisions being proposed by their leaders. Maybe these positive groups will come to the aid of their fellow religionists being persecuted in Moslem countries by demanding that steps be taken against those regimes which cannot, or will not, protect and respect the human (civil and religious) rights of their Christian (and occasionally, Jewish) minorities.

Posted by: Sharon Camus | 28 October 2005

I am a Christian from Iraq and am ashamed of the ignorance of the West. While I sit here in England and talk, we have the true Christians suffering, please forgive me for ignoring you. I shall do what it takes to the Christians out, I am prepared to lose my life as well and that means dying as a persecuted Christian.
I pray a lot for the Iraqi Christians, there churches get bombed, They are forced to leave their cities for elections numbers to go right, they suffer a lot, Let's all mention them in our prayers, as we are one body in jesus christ ....

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 28 October 2005

We live in a jungle. that is all I can say.

Posted by: sameh | 28 October 2005

Tears are pouring down my cheeks even as I read through the material on this site. You are not forgotten my dear Christian brothers. I will do my best to spread the news of the horrors you are undergoing. I will give you all the support and exposure you need on my site. I am happy to share my bandwidth and the space on my server (I have 10 gigabytes at my disposal) to give you all the publicity you need. Please contact me if you need my assistance to upload material.

Posted by: Wild Knight | 28 October 2005

May God help us all!

Posted by: mimi | 28 October 2005

Let us help ourselves. With the help of God.

Posted by: anonymous | 28 October 2005

Turning the other cheek does not mean you don't defend yourself from murderous attack. Nor does it mean you don't speak out against injustice. Everyone posting on this site needs to send the URL of this site to anyone and everyone they can think of. Send it to your Foreign Affairs Minister in whatever country you reside. Send it to your church leaders of whatever denomination you follow. Send it and send it and send it.

This isn't about religion. It's about slaughter. And it's criminal.

Blessings to everyone who posted here in support of the Christian Copts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you--and so is our activism!

Posted by: Canadian Woman | 29 October 2005

I really don't know what to say...what's hapening, and is Ramadan and they do all that in the month of they called the month of God??? Why???the church is the house of God like the mosque what differents there is, but unfortunatly, they don't know what the mening of God is, and they will never KNOW. But I do belive that God will panish them and very soon ,I feel ashamed to be born in Egypt, but is not the country to blame is the people, that they dont know what they doing, here in australia we have arab muslim 1000's of them and they did build a mosque and they have there freedom to pray for one God , and the only God that made us and made them, wake up my dear muslim brothers before is to late, because God will never forget what you are doing to his children, YOMHEL WALA YOHMEL....

Posted by: Rosa | 29 October 2005

سلام و نعمة يسوع مع الكل .... لا بد من الأضطهاد ... و شهادة المسيحين هي الوقوف

مع المسيح ضد جنود الشر

Posted by: issam | 29 October 2005

I have a hard time understanding why Muslims get away with so much violence and extremist activity. If Christians acted out the way they did (not saying it's okay or that we do), whoa boy ... it would be all over with. Instead of shunning Muslims' behavior, we see people trying to get everyone to "understand" and "tolerate" them. How stupid. Earlier this year, a movie was made by an American filmaker about 911 from a terrorists point of view. I wish I knew the name of it, but the writer came on Fox News and promoted it. The writer was American?!?! What a betrayal. I seriously wonder what's the matter with people nowadays.

I agree with the comments posted on this website on how amazing it is how Muslims have to resort to violence to defend and support their religion. They're unable to simply explain what they believe in a calm logical manner. No, they have to go whacko, riot and kill. They say that it's only extremests who resort to violence. Riiiiight. Their quaran commands them to kill Christians and if that's what they go by, then they are just as guilty as the extremists who act out.

And their tactics ... that should tell themselves something right there. What they believe is false and their only means of defending it are by threats and violence. Oh how awful it's going to be for them on the day they are going to have to give an account to Almight God for their actions. The real true one and only God, not their make believe allah.

Posted by: Holly | 29 October 2005

THe rest of the world does not care because the poorest are the true Christians and they are helpless as well. The rich care about their luxuries rather than saving their fellow brothers and sisters the middle east and africa. All we can do is what our master taught us, do not be afraid and pray for us and our enemies.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 29 October 2005

We are close to the climax of a great change in Egypt. I started crying when I heard of all that is going on, though I know it's been going on for years. (1400 years) I agree with so many of the previous comments about injustice, media bashing Christianity, Christian responses to persecution and the violent behavior of Muslims (always labeled as extremeist). This is His church and He hears the cry of His people. Vengence is the Lord's. He said in Isaiah, "Blessed be Egypt my People". I know we are seeing hard times but there will be a blessing! I know it is very difficult...but with God's grace I can say, I love my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. It is the hatred in their hearts I cannot love. Jesus died for you as much as He died for me. My prayers are for Egypt and those you are suffering.

Posted by: Christian believer | 29 October 2005

First thank you for posting the videos and the information. It is sad that this is happening.

Apparently, moslems do not really believe that the God of the Christians and the God of Islam is the same, contrary to what the Mainstream Media keeps telling us Islam believes.

But I have to agree with others who point out the passive reaction of so many in the Eastern Orthodox Church and its various branches...for so long.

A few years ago, the U.S> State Department was about to put Egypt on a watchlist of countries for violation of human rights, for persecution of Coptic Christians. SHENOUDA III, the Patriarch of the Coptic Church had the opportunity to support this. Instead - he asked that the U.S. not do this.

From a Western point of view, it looks as though SHENOUDA III is weak and without moral or spiritual strength. How is it right to sit by and do nothing ? During the past few years, there have been many situations - in Egypt - of forced conversions into Islam, of destruction of Churches, of arrests in the night of those who committed the "Crime" of not wanting to be moslem. These events have happened to hundreds and hundreds of Orthodox Coptic Christians, and this does not even address the Islamic Crusade to close down and destroy much of the Coptic history and Coptic historical sites in the 1980s and 1990s.

Yet, SHENOUDA III is silent on these issues most of the time, and seems happy to alternate between the weakest of public statements, and the supposed "courageous" action of withdrawing himself from public life.

That is not actually courageous. It seems closer to being without wisdom, allowing the sheep in the Coptic Church to be exposed further to islamic wolves.

All Christians retain the right to volunteer themselves for difficult times, but there is a difference between the person who does this - as an individual, and someone who would do this as the leader of a particular branch of the church.

If SHENOUDA III started to make it a practice to stand up to Islam, many Christians around the world would support him. What is the difference whether he does this or not ?

As the whole world can see, Moslems are coming to show the results of what they genuinely believe, or what they believe after their Immams tell them what to think. The Silence of Christians in Egypt seems to be an invitation to further harm.

But even the silence of SHENOUDA III should not actually surprise us. Leaders of most of the patriarchates of the Eastern Orthodox Church have a long long habit of standing by, and doing absolutely nothing while the Christians they claim to minister to in Islamic lands are raped, killed, tortured and persecuted.

What most of those Patriarchs care about is their own sense of opulence, their own sense of personal comfort. Where is the outrage that a True Christian would have, at seeing the evil and the wrong that is being done to the innocent ?

But it seems that most of the Patriarchs do not want to speak up because if they did, they would be either killed or exiled from the countries where they live, while the majority around them are Islamic.

But we should NOT loose sight of history. Those countries may be islamic now, but most of them were once Christian. The reason why the Eastern Orthodox Church has problems of persecution in this century is because it agreed to Stop preaching the gospel, to stop communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others as Christians are told to, in Matthew 28.

Islamic radicals will say that this means that all moslems would be forced to become christians. That is simply false and shows that Moslems do not understand the Christian God. The Christian God leaves the choice of what to believe up to each individual.

The issue of the Coptic Church is difficult. But it is not new and has been taking place for the past 30 years.

Where have the copts been for the past 30 years ?

Sitting quiet while their culture is destroyed, thanks to the silence of their own Coptic Leaders.

Most of the people who will read this blog will be from the West. I would not think that Catholics (Roman Catholics) will speak up because they do not seem to care much about the human rights of those who are not Roman Catholics.

But the sad part is that Most of those who are Eastern Orthodox in the U.S. seem to ALSO feel the same way.

The Eastern Orthodox Branches in the U.S. are about 6 million strong. That may not seem like much, but it is plenty to make what is happening in Egypt a real issue to the U.S. Congress and to the White House.

But lets face the truth: Eastern Orthodox in the U.S. are far too comfortable, far too happy with themselves, far too busy with their rituals, to actuall take the time to defend other Christians.

The Eastern Orthodox Patriarchs in the areas of Belarus, Georgia, and Russia continue to make life very very difficult for Other Christians who are not specifically Orthodox.

Protestant Churches are closed down, fines imposed, churchgoers imprisoned, etc.

And the same is true not only for Protestants but for those who are specifically Orthodox in Sudan as well as in Ethiopia.

Persecution stories are so abundant there is no time to post them. The Eastern Orthodox COULD speak up, they Could speak out, they Could make a difference.

But it seems that the lack of courage, the lack of leadership that is demonstrated by SHENOUDA III and the rest of the Patriarchs, seems finally to have made its own difference in the lives of the Orthodox Faithful.

The same lack of courage and lack of leadership that those Eastern Orthodox leaders are showing, is also the same Lack of courage and leadership that is found in almost ALL of the Eastern Orthodox Branches.

Now if this conclusion is wrong, I would very much like to know why or how.

And if you are a part of an Eastern Orthodox Branch of Christianity, I would like you to tell us 1) what you are personally doing about this situation in Egypt 2) what you have done in the past to defend Christians who are persecuted 3) whether you will make a personal commitment to try to make a difference on this issues and 4) if your Patriarchate or leaders have made an active difference on the issue of Christians being persecuted, then it would be good to share it.

The situation in Egypt IS tragic. But it would be More tragic to NOT learn any lesson, to continue to stay silent and to continue to do nothing.

Christians should remember that Jesus said we are to "Occupy" until He comes. That means learning to stand not only for truth, but also for making sure that the Truth has the Place and the Space where it can be heard.

Posted by: John Smyth | 29 October 2005

My Coptic Brethren
Your light affliction which is but for a moment is working out 4 u a far more greater weight of glory. As a Nigerian who lives under the same Islamic antagonism and horror, I know how u feel. God bless u .

Posted by: Cosmas UZODINMA | 29 October 2005

I just wanted to say that I'm so proud to be a copt, and i would love to live in egypt and be strong like my brothers and sisters. I hope that muslims understand the fact that Christians don't fight back not because they are weak, but because they are STRONG, and they know that Christ is much stronger then any weapon!! i know that Christ will not leave his people. Eventhough i feel so far away from the copts in Egypt we are all one family and we should rise up and pray and God will not leave us!

Posted by: Kristina | 29 October 2005

The cause of the riots in Alexandria, Egypt is Poverty, Ignorance, and political oppression not Islam !!!

Those people rioting just want someone to lash out at and blame for their frustrations because they cannot fight their own government and are easily influenced into violence.

The Egyptian government lets it take place because it takes the focus off of them and onto a scapegoat (coptics). This is the same reason the egyptian government loves Israel it takes the hatred off of them and onto someone else.

The Christian Egyptians on this site trying to blame muslims and Islam for their problems are letting their anger delude themselves and cloud their judgement. Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace in the Middle East for centuries and you know that we (muslims) are all taught that you are all people of the book.

Islam has been around for many centuries. why were there no muslim suicide bombers or terrorists 100+ years ago ??? Have you all forgotten that only 300 years ago the Middle East was experiencing a golden Age under Islam.

It is Colonialism, and now the oppresive Dictatorships that we are all under that have caused all these extremisms and distrotions of Islam and friction between our peoples.

Coptics only represent 5% of the Egyptian population if all muslims were really as deluded as those people in those streets you would not beable to survive. Do not let a small group of ignorant and frustrated people cloud your judgement of the greater picture. Protect yourself but do not alienate the majority of muslim Egypt that is on your side !

Good Luck, from a muslim on your side

Posted by: Tarek | 29 October 2005

Christianity and Islam both are peaceful religions, but people are not. Rremember the crusades and Inquisition ??? There was a time when christianity was so intolerant of other religions and other cultures that to be ostricized by the church was in essence a death warrant in its self. It was only until the institutionalization of socialist and democratic systems and the seperation of church and state that the church lost its power to pursecute those that did not conform and adhere to its statutes.

Christianity its self is peaceful but just like in all religions people manipulate it to further their political gains. These people's actions represent themselves and not their religion. Even the KKK would hide behind the rightiousness of their burning crosses to spread outright bigotry and hate.

Why is it so hard then to believe that the muslim terrorists and Extremists of today are not hiding behind Islam to further their own political agendas

After centuries of Christian persecution and intolerance of other peoples we are more than willing to look upon Christianity today as a Peaceful religion. Why is it then that we find it hard to believe the same of Islam ;)

Posted by: Tarek | 29 October 2005

Muslims claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion is nothing but a complete farce.

Tarek, you refer to a past where there was nothing but pure bloodshed between Christians and Muslims, and regretably, Jerusalem was lost.

We are talking about the present, not the past, we could go on and on, has a Crusade been declared yet by the Catholics? No, so your comment is pointless and invalid. You are defending the fanatics who are killing Christians and going on to another subject and avoiding the big question why are Muslims targetting Christians over a DVD. Churches and Bibles have been hit as well Pope Shenouda having a fatwa issued.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 29 October 2005

Joseph, Tarek has very good points in his arguements and I think you should not be so quick to judge him. Also your views on Islam are not shared by most of us copts. Islam when practiced in its true form is indeed peaceful. evidence to this is the fact that we have been able to live as a minority amongst muslims for centuries and until recently have been able to practice free of persecution.

There are many political stressors in Egyptian society today that has caused most moderate muslims to start to lean towards more extremist elements and views like muslim brotherhood as an alternative to our current gov.. Our country has turned into a bees nest or pressure cooker and our people are doing things that they would not normaly do.

I think when we are finaly free to govern ourselves christians and muslims in Egypt will live in peace.

Posted by: Michael | 29 October 2005

Amazing, Muslims attack, and complain they are the victim.

Posted by: Jeff | 29 October 2005

If this is going to be a forum for muslims to complain, please take me of the email list.

Posted by: Jeff | 29 October 2005

Jeff, dont worry, we forgive Muslims unlike them, they claim to be like us. I wish they were, I really do. Christians and Muslims wont live in peace until Muslims stop killing Christians.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 29 October 2005

We must learn to turn the other cheek...

Hatred will do nothing to solve the situation. It is like throwing fuel to a fire.

Posted by: Michael | 29 October 2005

Michael, there is no hatred, its called frustration.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 29 October 2005

Tarek, you claim Islam is a religion of peace, yet your 'holy book' is based on murdering, killing infidels, and discriminating against women and other religions.

I urge anyone who reads this message to visit the following link:


im sure everyone will realize the truth. Note that the quotes in this site have been taken directly from the koran itself. I think people should decide for themselves which religion is based on peace.

Personally, i can bet my life Christianity is the one tru religion. How do i know? simple. How many people are born from virgins? how many people do you know who walk on water? how many people feed 5,000 men ( + their fmailies) with 5 loaves and two fish.. turn water into wine,, heal the leapers, create eyes for the blind, cure the mute/deaf/dumb, and raise the dead? How many people speak with such uncompared knowledge.. who speak words of truth and loves all, has mercy on sinners, and dies for them to be offered as a living sacrifice on their behalf?? NO ONE. Christ is God, Son of The Father, along with The Holy Spirit... The Holy Trinity

I fully support the Coptic Christians in Egypt who are being persecuted even till today. The Lord is with them and supports them in whatever hardships they encounter. When the day of the Lord comes, many will realise which religion is true and whose God is the ever-existing, omnipotent, and All-Holy. When that day comes, Christ will appear on clouds, ready to judge the world in righteousness and give each one according to his/her deeds. We must remember His Promise...

"...behold, I am comming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his works. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the first and the Last." - Revelations 22:12-13

We love the Coptic Orthodox Church and are ready to do anything we can to help. The Lord bless and keep you

Posted by: cs | 29 October 2005

Poor Tarek, he posts some coments that are somewhat empathetic to Christians, but the response may seem like Tarek's notes fell on deaf ears.

But Tarek and other moslems should realize that people in the world have trouble believing that Islam is a religion of peace, because they receive more and more information about the practices of Islam.

How is it legitimate to try to create a legal separate category of -literally - second class citizens known as Dhimmi - and to continue to opress them by willful discrimination, this being the category that ALL who will not convert to Islam are placed into ?

How is it legitimate for a family, the entire family clan (group) to actually have a funeral for someone who converts to Christianity, and then to treat that person as if they were dead, and to never ever either speak to that person or have anything to do with them...because they converted to Christianity ?

How is it legitimate for Islam to have the right to deny those who practice Islam the right to change their minds and chose another religion of their choice ?

In other words, these questions are asked to help people to understand what the Islamic Definition of "peace" is.

When Christians are second class citizens, when they are forbidden to share their faith, when Islamic families have FUNERALS for those who make a choice different than Islam, and when Coptic Churches (or any church) cannot be legally allowed to physically improve or maintain the church building, (because to do this would be a violation of sharia law), then those things ...are the definition of "peace".

That is not actually Peace...those actions have another name: joining or partaking or accepting those actions towards others is called Oppression.

Is is not Islam that maintains that there is the Islamic World (Zone of Islam/Zone of Peace) ,but the non-Muslim world is called the "Zone of War" ??

Why is it hard to believe that Moslems want Peace ? Well it depends on what moslems mean by the word "Peace".

Are Moslems willing to speak out and defend the rights of Christians ?

IF so, then why do Moslems not stand up FOR the Copts of Egypt and speak out for them ?

IF there are 5,000 moslems who want to hurt a Coptic Church, and Tarek or others tell us that most Egyptians or Moslems are in favor of helping the Copts, then WHY arent there demonstrations of 50,000 moslems demonstrating FOR the rights of the Copts ?

Maybe the reason is that for those who participated in such an activity, they would feel the penalties that their family clan would place upon them.

A lot of Islam depends on the enforcement by the family of Islamic law within that family and the extended family. It can often be a very harsh system.

Christians continue to be beaten, emprisoned, harmed and suffer greatly because of Islam all over the world. But Christian countries still try to show respect for Islam and try to take an optimistic view of Islam. However, that kindness seems to be repaid by actions motivated by great hatred. It is easy to say that moslems are manipulated by leaders. Do none of those moslems have any responsibility for the actions of harm or evil that they decide to participate in ?

There is a saying " I may not agree with What you say, but I will defend your Right to say it".

When will moslems defend the rights of Christians, even just to speak ?

Every single time that harm comes to Christians in Moslem countries, this is noticed by Christians. And it is not usually so hard to tell, whether or not LOCAL Moslems were either trying to Help the Christian person or were trying to Harm them. So there are hundreds and hundreds of examples of how Moslems stay silent about evil that Other Moslems do to Christians, every month.

When thousands upon thousands of Moslems begin to demonstrate for the rights of Christians to have the SAME rights as the Moslems, then maybe that will be when non-Moslems start believing that Moslems are interested in mutual respect and genuine social harmony between everyone.

Posted by: Max Nostrem | 29 October 2005

Despite the struggle Egyptian-Christians are dealing with, we should never forget that with a little bit of faith God will quickly send His angels to guard all those faced with tribulation in Egypt. As a few others have written before on this thread, we should all pray that with one faith and a firm hope, Christians as a whole will be able to overcome this hardship.

Posted by: minaW. | 29 October 2005

To the people that say " we are Christians and we should not fight back" let me tell you that when the arabs first came to Egypt to take it over, the copts faught with them 3 wars. They Copts won the first 2 and lost the last, so the copts do not always sit and get slapped around. There comes a point where we have to fight back. I don't know exactly how we can fight back, but there's no more room for being "christian" we have to fight and stay strong to protect our children. If we stay how we are, in the future, we will not exist anymore. It is a law of nature, Only the strong survive, survival of the fittest. If the Coptic Church wants to survive and protect its children. We have to take actions. We do not have to fight a physicial war, but we do have to fight a war. We can not sit and keep praying. God's gift to us is that he gave us brains to think and wisdom to make decisions. He is not going to come from heaven and protect us from our enemies. God gave us the tools to defeat and be peaceful with our enemies and those who want to harm us. We have to use those tools. our brains and wisdom, to overcome our threats. May God help us. We can not sit and watch our brothers, mothers, women, and children get slaughtered like animals, get humiliated, get degraded, get discriminated against, and just watch and pray. We have to do something
May God bless all of the COPTS all over the world and guide us to the right path.

Posted by: Michael | 30 October 2005

Dear Tarek,
Thank you for your comments.
For the entirety of it's history, Islam has been a religion of conquest, not peace. Egypt did not become an Islamic state via peaceful preaching or sound ideologic transfer. Rather, Egypt, like most countries now considered to be Islamic, was the victim of murder, rape, and pillaging by Arabian Nomads spreading the religion of Mohammed.

Unlike, Christianity, which was embraced by way of faith and reason, Islam was forced upon the land of Egypt and other lands in its path. To say "why have christians and muslims lived peacefully throughout history up until the last 100 years" is beyond anyone that has ever picked up a history book. A greater number of christians (especially but not limited to Coptics) have been martyred by Islamists in the forefront of Islam and in the interum than can ever compare to the past 100 years.

Futhermore, although you used this example to further your argument that muslims have been peaceful with members of other religions in the past, "The people of the Book" is a title that I and most other Non-muslims would prefer to do without since it requires us to pay a "non-muslim" tax to Mohammed... I'd rather simply be called a Christian and save myself the money, and the abuse by your Prophet.

Also, although it is very common to equate Christianity and Catholicism, the two are not synonomous. While the Catholic Church, an organization both politically and economically powerful throughout history, involved itself in inhumane moments in history like the crusades and the Inquisition, a great part of the Christian world, especially the Eastern Orthodox (much poorer and much less involved in worldy matters) focused on spiritual matters and on surviving persecution throughout the ages.

Thus, to say that "Christianity" or "The Church" at one point persecuted Islam is only a true statement when you mean the Catholic Church. Either way it does not justify any part of your argument. That there are fanatics of Christianity who deviate from the peaceful teachings of the religion is true. This is obvious since the message of Christ is one of love and peace. However, when muslims act in a nonpeaceful manner, the same cannot be said about them because they are not deviant from the teaching of their Prophet who taught that "killing infedils" (nonbelievers) is the "duty of every muslim".

Mr. John Smyth,
I appreciate your love and eagerness to help in this time of need. However, your impression of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III is wrong. I implore to read up on this scholarly, humble, holy man before you make reference to his cowardice or fear of losing his life or position.

Pope Shenouda lost his earthly life 60 years when he chose to live in solitude in a cave in the sinai desert as a monk for many years. He was forced into service by his peers. He did not apply, campaign, or even want his job, so he is not acting in any selfish way as to preserve his position. He is a man who by his patience and humility examplifies the perfection of Christ.

Unlike you and I whose opinions only matter to those who read blogs, the Pope of Alexandria is not at liberty to take sides in a black and white manner on right and wrong issues. He is responsible for the lives and deaths of his people in his country and abroad and acts in a way that is most wise as to preserve their safety. If it means sacrificing his own pride and shaking hands with those who hate him, he does it for his people. If it means biting his tongue and not joining the U.S. laundry list of "countries in violation of Civil Rights" (whatever good that would do by joining is questionable anyway) he does it. As a people of faith, we pray for the life and guidance of our Holy Father Pope Shenouda III. And we are confident that his decisions and those of our clergy are guided by The Lord and not by the intent of man, as men of the world might think.

Posted by: Tony | 30 October 2005

Muslims have been trying to destroy Christianity ever since their so called prophet mohammed claimed to receive God's message. islam is a religion of war and the "holy" book of islam - the quran - incites war and hatred against non-muslims.

Our Lord Jesus Christ - i am a Christian from Germany - has taught us to respect and love our enemies, even muslim fanatics who are willing to wipe out Christianity from earth (example: Sudanese Civil War).

But one day, my dear friends, our pacience will come to an end and we will start to defend Christendom against this evil force.

You muslims go on hating, killing, looting, shouting and cursing, one day you will be punished.

Posted by: Dave | 30 October 2005

Muslims have been trying to destroy Christianity ever since their so called prophet mohammed claimed to receive God's message. islam is a religion of war and the "holy" book of islam - the quran - incites war and hatred against non-muslims.

Our Lord Jesus Christ - i am a Christian from Germany - has taught us to respect and love our enemies, even muslim fanatics who are willing to wipe out Christianity from earth (example: Sudanese Civil War).

But one day, my dear friends, our pacience will come to an end and we will start to defend Christendom against this evil force.

You muslims go on hating, killing, looting, shouting and cursing, one day you will be punished.

Posted by: Dave | 30 October 2005

This isn't fair what is happening to christians. Just because they practice their faith in a country where the majority is muslims they get treated this way. They get prosecuted and killed just because they are saying the truth like it is. If the muslims are too afraid to admit the truth about their religion then why should christians pay.

Posted by: Sally | 30 October 2005

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Posted by: mark | 30 October 2005

I just wanted to say that Egyptian Muslims are not all bad there are some of them who arent backwards! However i have crossed links in egypt with a few extremists (which was one of the most frightening things) just because they saw the cross on my wrist or because of my necklass all u hear from them is anger and shouting which to me shows a weak person standing before me.

However terror is always going to in Egypt thats something that we accepted however the distruction of churches from Muslims was shameful no matter what country you are in.When London was bombed by muslim exremists you did not see tony blair a christian going around trying to stop all muslims praying/distroying mosques? NO! So what right do muslims have over freedom of religion? And was it okay for Muslims for 9/11? No they killed many even from their own religion! (Which is considered as murder not halal??) They tried to effect the goverment but they never succeeded...What makes them think they will succeed when the Coptic church has lasted all this time even when Arabs invaded. This is a small thing that happened compared to what did happen many years back Our Church Is Strong!

For the Copts that live outside of egypt, we will never understand what it is really like unless we live there and even protests to show the world what is happening, all of this will never make the world entirely understand. All we can really do is stand before God and ask that HE may help our brothers and sisters in their troubled times. And just as St George died for christ and fought the devil may He fight off all these devils away....Ask God to send his army of angels to create a shield over the Coptic church, and Pray for His Holiness Pope Shenouda as he as well needs our prayers!
God Bless

Posted by: Tina | 31 October 2005

Pray 4 US ... Pray 4 USA ... Pray for you guys that are working without feeling ashamed for a civil war ... But we will not let you do it .. We humans .. we vhristians moslems and jews .. we are not america.

Posted by: magdi habachi | 31 October 2005

moslem should be aware that time has changed and a new language should prevail.killing and fighting have no place now in the world.talk,discuss and write,these are the civilised tools which show that we are human beings not hatred and burning.i have love for moslem people and moslem friends so we have to deal on equal foot.we as egyptian nation has to prove that we are old and civilised one.God bless egypt and keep it safe.

Posted by: yousef girgis | 31 October 2005

It is not only Egypt where Christians face violence: Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, India are among those countries that I aware where our brothers and sisters daily risk their lives in order to simply claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

My prayers go out all Christians being martyered in this "modern" world.

I am not sure which side of the action/inaction discussion I am on; however, I do remember that "Vengence is mine saith the Lord, I will repay".

God bless our Christian brothers and sisters in Egypt and elsewhere.

In Christ's holy name I pray.

Posted by: Chris Carlson | 31 October 2005

In times of Persecution our faith strengthens.

You are all in our PRAYERS.

Australian COPT

Posted by: Australian COPT | 31 October 2005

I believe whatever is happening right now in Egypt is normal and had happen many years ago. The best thing is to feast and pray for our Pope Shenouda III and for our brothers and sister who in need in Egypt. I am so sad about what i have heard. Feasting and praying is the only 2 thing that Our Lord Jesus Christ would wipe his tears and put a smile on his face. Also would fix all the thing is happening in Egypt.

lil prayer:

Jesus Christ Our Savior Help us, help who needs you. Keep our Pope. Wipe his tears and let be love between to who hate us. Don't turn thee face away from us. Show us your loving hand, and let it be your well Oh Lord. Thank you OH Lord for what you have given us. Thank you for everyday had pasted caring your name as Christians.


Posted by: Bishoy | 31 October 2005

i'm gonna write against some things people said earlier...firstly people who said that it isn't islam doing dis are stupid..no offence...watch the videos they fully yelling out allah wo akbar...i have nothing against islam until they begin to do stupid things like this and killing us Christians because of what we believe....LEAVE US ALONE TO BELIEVE WHAT WE WANT TO BELIEVE AND YOU BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT TO...treat us equally and in the end we're not different...o and Tarek get your facts straight before speaking...Copts DO NOT take up 5% of Egypt...that has changed LONG time ago (it has increased) and everything you say is weakkkk

Posted by: Christine | 31 October 2005

The message of Christ crucified, when preached correctly is objectionable, difficult and ultimately rejected.(John 6:60-66) This persecution is inevitable, but I am not condoning a sit back attitude. Where man works, man works, where man prays, God works. We are called to remember "those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering." Pray like you've never prayed before, ask God to give you a burden of compassion for the persecuted church, lets kick up a holy fuss..email egypt@un.int (permanent rep to the UN for Egypt) Email your senator,councillor,mp or whatever oyur elected reps in your relevant country are called. Sign up to STAND TODAY- www.standtoday.org Which is an initiative to gather a million praying warfaring intercessing Christians together for the Persecuted Church. God has placed us in countries where we aren't persecuted yet and where our voices can be heard, under the good stewardship principle we have a duty to God to use this blessing for the Kingdom, I'm just asking for you all to step out of your comfort zones and speak out for our brethren in Christ. I publish a fortnightly update, prayer alert, and general persecution info newssheet, with tips on advocating and making a noise for Jesus. Email me : thefourofusluvgod@tiscali.co.uk and I'll add yout to my alert list.
2 Cor 4:9; " ..persecuted; but not abandoned. Struck down, but not destroyed."
In Christ's love, Carl@ Counted Worthy.

Posted by: Carl Peet | 01 November 2005

Rise up and take back the holy lands from these animals, or do nothing and be slowly slaughtered as has been happening all over the world and ME . Christians need not sit still to be killed.
Pray, and fight!! Daniel's vision 's will only come if we have no will to restore Christs rule. If we allow the beast to rise up it's over.

Posted by: Jim | 01 November 2005

Christine, the trouble with Islam is they believe they should kill you or make you believe that their black rock is a god.

Qur’an 8:7 “Allah wished to confirm the truth by His words: ‘Wipe the infidels out to the last.’”

Qur’an 8:39 “So, fight them till all opposition ends and the only religion is Islam.”

Ishaq:208 “When Allah gave permission to his Apostle to fight, the second Aqaba contained conditions involving war which were not in the first act of submission. Now we bound themselves to war against all mankind for Allah and His Apostle. He promised us a reward in Paradise for faithful service. We pledged ourselves to war in complete obedience to Muhammad no matter how evil the circumstances.”

This is all they believe. Peacefull Islam is a lie. Even as a dhimmi they kill you when ever they feel like it and pay no penalty.

Tabari IX:69 “Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us.”

Ishaq:489 “Do the bastards think that we are not their equal in fighting? We are men who think that there is no shame in killing.”

Qur’an 33:60 “Truly, if the Hypocrites stir up sedition, if the agitators in the City do not desist, We shall urge you to go against them and set you over them. Then they will not be able to stay as your neighbors for any length of time. They shall have a curse on them. Whenever they are found, they shall be seized and slain without mercy—a fierce slaughter—murdered, a horrible murdering.”

You cannot simply say "let them believe what they want, and let me believe what i want". It what they believe that tells them to kill. They cannot live in peace. No matter where Muslims go, they kill.

Posted by: Jim | 01 November 2005

yes that's true. they believe that they should kill but there's not much to do about that. Too many islams in this world and you can't get them to stop believing what they want but maybe we can try and get some peace out of them and they'll realize some of their beliefs should be edited. I know muslims here that would never kill so i know it's possible to happen it just needs to spread to other parts of the world

Posted by: Christine | 01 November 2005

These awful events are a test not only of the faith of the Chirstians suffering in Alexandria but of each Christain observing and forming an opinion elsewhere. We should be strong and not allow our human emotinons of anger and rage fill us because that's not what Christ taught us. Christ suffered, was humiliated and died for us, and while he was on the Cross he prayed to the Father asking him to forgive the sins of those who were crucifying Him.
True that when we see the Muslims doing these awful things to our fellow brothers and sisters in Alexandria we feel a sense of rage and disgust at how they can do these atrocities but we should not slander them and we should not call upon one another to attack back. Yes, we should defend ourselves but we shouldn't justify murdering another human being under the title of self-defence. Christ said if someone slaps you turn the other cheek. He didn't put any exceptions. Don't let Satan win by turning your hearts to anger and hatred. And remeber we shouldn't generalise an entire religiong as bad. Yes, the actions of these people commitiing atrocities in Alexandria is awful but please don't generalise and say all Muslims are bad becuase isn't that exactly what the persecutors are saying about the Christians and hence their drastic actions.
Let us pray together and peacefully protest and be a true reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ for whom our fellow bretheren are being persecuted ifor.

Posted by: Sarah | 01 November 2005

first off John Smyth f*** you and your m***f**** moma!!!! u making funn of our pope calling him weak!
how is he weak in any way. he's a man of wisdom who isent selling out fate to the amircans as you intended. he knows better to leave our fate to God and God only! Copts dident need help from a high power such as America for 2000 years so why the hell would we need one now!

and to all the other Copts who are angry and wanna fight the muslims. YOU GUYS ARE IDIOTS!!!! you wanting to fight back is going agenst what our Pope teaches and what our hole religion is all about. fighting aint ganna help!!!
if we start fighting now we'll just end up all dead!
look at what happend to the crusades..... remind me what the thought again!!! OHH yeh..."lets fight back and win the hole land".....well where are they now huh!....DEAD thats what! and look at what we thought for 2000 years.... "lets all just pray and leave this for God to handle"....where are we now...we're still here STRONG and PROUD!!! fighting aint ganna do shit!!! WE COPTS TILL WE DIE AND WE NEVER GANNA LIE CUS PEACE US OUR FIGHT AND LOVE IS OUR PRIDE!

Dear Copt for Life, I don't appreciate any foul language on my site, for many reasons, especially because this doesn't go with Jesus Teachings, Cursing and violence is labguage of the week, and we blame them for being abusive!!! we shouldn't behave like those from this world, Respect every opinion and discuss it with logic, Your cursing or loud voice doesn't mean your are passionate about your case, it just mean you don't have anything to say ... Please forgive me if i came hard on you, but it is has to be clear for everyone, that this blog solution for our crisisis by spreading hate or cursing and shouting or violence... it is about praying and following jesus teachings, about discussing the other with logic, even if they carry a sword ...


Posted by: Copt For Life | 01 November 2005

To Copt For Life, I agree 100% with what you said. I have huge faith that God is there to help us. Martyrs' blood is the foundation of our Coptic faith. For thousands of years Copts suffered persecution, nothing new. Fighting is not our faith remeber "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." (John 5:9-12) Our faith is greater than their hatred, we are the heirs of heaven, we are the heirs fo our king Jesus Christ. You all Coptics, take heart, our lord have overcome the world. I don't wanna seem passive but believe me there will be a day when Jesus will show his glory and we will all shout "God heard our cries, God accepted our prayers."

To John Myth, you have to understand that we never call for help from anyone but Jesus. You will not understand that cuz you don't have our faith; the coptic faith; Pope Shenouda's faith.

To those who praise fighting, fighting back will make Egypt another copy of Lebanon civil war. Tell me where are the Christian Lebanese now, either immigrants or dead. Instead, we protest, pray, and call for help from God and none but God.

Posted by: AthanasiusTheApostolic | 01 November 2005

John Smyth comments should not seen as foul and not valid in these true and awful times that we have. As someone who has just lost a relative in Iraq, times are harder than what people actually think. Someone with frustration and anger has every right to express themselves like John did and we have the right to answer, so 'Copt for Life', no need for your foul language towards someone who has understood the suffering we feel but has a different way to deal with it. You should not call him or his mother with those foul words but pray for him and anyone else who feels anger so that they come to the terms of true faith, believing that God will comfort us and protect us all the way.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 02 November 2005

well see the thing is john smith DOESENT feel our pain. he's just another westerner who thinks the solution is to blame someone. hey i lived in egypt most of my life and i do feel the pain that my coptic brothers are feeling. so saying that john smith feels our pain is a pile of S***! i bet you he's american! AND YES I DO HAVE TO RIGHT TO CALL HIM AND HIS MAMA NAMES!!!!! i just which the hole mf******* world gets out of our business!!!!!

Once again, you express yourself in such foul language, yes you have the right to call people names, but outside this blog ....
I don't remember anywhere in jesus christ teachings that he instructed us to curse and be abusive ... Dear copt for life, please change this behavior and remeber that our god is in no need for people who bring shame on his name, so please reconsider your language ...
- ADMIN my christianBlood


Posted by: Copt for Life | 02 November 2005

To John Smyth...forst of all when referring to a Patriarch you adress them formally and with respect not plainly, boldly and rudly. So making a point out it His Holiness Pope Shenouda III to you, me and the rest of the world.
now lets look at this H.H. has been sent into exile by the sadat government, many have tried to kill him, and many have tried to make him stumble in his own words. So I don't know what comfort you think a Patriarch is seeking....because that wasn't in the job description when they decided to become monks.
Lets be real here...if he were to say "yea help we're being killed" what difference would that have made. half of africa, indoensia, and the middle east is on that watch list by the states. And yet nothing...not much better for those countries. If he were to say yea, the shiaites and sonnies, would have took it up a couple of notches. So for the ske of his flock, and for the sake of the government he prays for, and for the sake of the national security of our beloved Egypt, he had to say no.
Don't judge a persons decision unless you've been in their shoes.
And one more time...Its not just Shenouda III its His Holiness Pope Shenouda III.

Posted by: Psalmist | 02 November 2005

Dear Copt for life. I understand your frusteration and as much good comments u've made...u made them void...by going aganist what our Lord teaches.
Another point...we don't follow Pope Shenouda, we don't adhere to his teachings. We adhere to the teachings of Christ. He is the shepherd we are the flock but Christ is the owner of the flock...we respond to our master then our shepherd.

Posted by: Psalmist | 02 November 2005

Copt for Life, unfortunately, you have never met the man, so do not post foul comments and judge, you are not the one to judge.

Secondly, I am British and have gone around and spread the word as much I can and if you want to be the most die-hard Christian, I shall go over to Egypt and die with them.

Thridly, the last point, Psalmist clears the air very well, we adhere to teachings of Christ.

Posted by: Joseph Michaels | 02 November 2005

Division, strife and offense, three of the enemies biggest tactics. And what do we see when we look on the thread-all three in large portions. We are the body, one body, different branches drawing from the same vine. I just want to make a stand for unity in Christ. At times like this we need to drop our agendas and egos and simply push into God seek His heart and pray Christ into this situation. The world ain't gonna solve this battle, for its basis is spiritual. Those who deny Christ are suppressing the revelation of Gods evident glory, wickedness is the root of this suppression, so it follows that as well as suppressing Gods glory in themselves they want to suppress any Child of God expressing glory through worship and devotion. We don't need to look to any one except The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob revealed in and through His Son Christ Jesus, God The Deliverer, God Most Able. We need to drop the in fighting and pray as one body in one mind of one heart and in one name. These are end times and divisiveness is not of God or for God. Time for us to get down on our knees for our brothers and sisters in Egypt , as well as the 200 million other saints facing persecution for Christ. Email me on thefourofusluvgod@tiscali.co.uk to sign up to prayer alerts, newsletter and advice on how to kick up a Holy Fuss for Christ, remember the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violent men, and by that I mean on fire proactive, informed men and women of God willing to stand up for the name of Jesus.
In Christs love, Carl@Counted Worthy

Posted by: Carl Antony Peet | 02 November 2005

i know i havent been showing the true teachings of christ in the last two canvo's. but yes i am frusterated. john smith just calling our pope "shenouda III" really pisses me off. out off all people in this situation he blames the pope!!! man he's worse then that other guy mohammed!
once again i apoligize for my laguage...

Posted by: Copt for Life | 02 November 2005

Yo know Coptic for Life. we do have to pardon others. Unless they lived our life then they won't understand why certain actions have to be taken. In the end God is magnified in his saints, and He would not letanyone get away with insulting His children be they a Patriarch or a layman, a nobelsman or a begger. Because is the eyes of God we are all equal. And whatever anybody says shouldn't matter, because we're only justified in the eyes of God. And it is only God that we need to justify ourselves to and live for...no other man, creature or entity.

Posted by: Psalmist | 02 November 2005

i agree with you 100% Psalmist

Posted by: Copt for Life | 02 November 2005

here's a rap song i wrote for all you Copts out there who are in hard times. may God be and Bless you!

Our Hearts are restless

"Our hearts are restless
until they find rest in You, Lord”
please bring us peace
so that we aint all helpless Lord
only God can save us
save us from all the hate!
And ever discrimination
against our race!
What has this world become today
Is it that simple
To wanna kill a Copt every day!
All these hating faces
Looking down at us!
Just cus we aint racist
They wanna pull a trigger on us!
All you muslims think your feared
Cus all you wanna do is pull a trigger kill a Copt!
And never feel fear
Well I got news for you
We Copts till we die
And no matter what!
We never ganna lie!!
Peace is our fight!
And Love is our PRIDE!

One Copt is all it takes
To shove peace n love
Down their face!
So what ya ganna do
Try to kill us all
We got martyrs
Who died for nothing but for all!
So Copt you better pray
Pray for the thing that counts
Pray for us all!

It’s God who put me on this planet
And it’s God whose ganna get me out
Once again
It’s God who created this planet
And it’s Gods whose ganna help me out!
School, work, temptation
You name it!
God is my whole reputation!
Copt, he better be yours too
For every day is ganna be a hesitation
The world is gone too
Don’t look back or you’ll turn into salt
For the last thing you want brotha
Is for this to all be your fault
Don’t lust for this world
Or surly you will die
But rather soar high
And reach for the sky
Although we all may die
We’ll all meat in heaven
And never have to see another painful day go bye!
Lets all pray together
That we may live in peace
And harmony forever
Whether you hate us or love us
We always going be around
Through everlasting ages
That’s how it’s going down!

One Copt is all it takes
To shove peace n love
Down their face!
So what ya ganna do
Try to kill us all
We got martyrs
Who died for nothing but for all!
So Copt you better pray
Pray for the thing that counts
Pray for us all!

I still remember the days
Sitting in my room
Praying that I live through another day!
Its hard living in a place
Where your not wanted, hated, discriminated against!
I wait for help to come fast!
Walking to school I fear
It could be my last!
Muslims chucking rocks over night
Hating, destroying churches
I thought I was trippin until they started a fight
So what can I do but stay true
To all the Copts who grew!
So what is a Copt to do
But take cover!
Now back to these muslims at front gate
I swear I lost it!
My mind was all full of hate!
Before I new it I grabbed a rock
Hurt a muslim
Now im racing the clock
Don’t ask why. But I let go of every thing I had
A pile of rocks hit the ground as a Copt dashed
On my back were more then 30 muslims now!
Barely breathin, trying to keep from getting knocked down!
Still running like a Copt got 9 lives!
Don’t know why but I am running till flipping block
Threw a rock
Now im running from them muslims and their shots
Its time to be Copt!
Going to church next day repenting
I new what was coming my way
Sitting in church
Confessing to abouna I thought no way!
So God I repent, Repent for all my troubles
I know I have been living wrong but please don’t make it double
Im just another Copt trying to live in this sinful world
And trying to make sense of this one beautiful and righteous word
All you Copts better know what it is
Its love and peace
Who we are and what our faith is!
Our hearts a restless!

Posted by: Copt for Life | 02 November 2005

اريدة باللغة العربية

Posted by: gona | 02 November 2005

Copt for life, i liked the 'rap song' u wrote and i just wanna say that these copts in egypt need eveyones prayer and if possible the church's should make prayer meetings were all christians should pray together as one( one spirit)...may god bless all those who are rejected for his name and have mercy on them...

Posted by: sandra | 02 November 2005

In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, One God. Amen.
Peace and grace be to you from Our Lord Jesus Christ, my blessed bretheren.
It saddens me to hear the news that happens in Alexandria.
The church has always and will always be persuctued. The church has experinced persection through the ages whether it was from: The Roman Empire; Emperor Diocletion the Infidel, Nero who burnt Rome and blamed it on the Christians for an excuse to persecute them, various govenros, princes, people did the same thing but they ALWAYS LOSE .
We shouldn’t be afraid of anyone except Our Creator ‘Our Lord God And Saviour Jesus Christ’. St.Paul say’s : “If God is with us,who can be against us?” We need not to obey Islamic extremestis or Muslim people, if it is the choice between converting to Islam or to be Christians , we will sand on our side and remain Christians and not sell Our Faith to anybody or to any circumstances, whatever the reasos are.We are READY and WILLINGLY to be beheaded, rather than denying and Selling Our Faith and Oul Lord CHRIST, who paid His precious bllod for us.
We need to be STRONG in the times of hardships and tribulations, Jesus Christ said: In the world you will have many tribualtions, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.” Rely on God leave our troubles to God, He will carry them.
Christians will always be fought by the armies and troops of evil, but they NEVER WIN. Since the time of Christ till the end of ages we will be never be left in peace.
All the muslim people and Islamic extrmestist won’t escape their punishment, even if they do they will not escape their eternal punishment.

We are the strugglng church, We will ALWAYS BE VICTOURIOUS, whatever the surronding are.
Be couregous, don’t be afraid to declare your Faith.

Pray for me,
With lots of Love,
Yor brother in the Lord: Abanob Saad.

If you would like to send anyting please do at:abanobsaad@hotmail.com

Posted by: Abanob Saad | 02 November 2005

In Australia the church have allocated three days of fasting and prayers from the 3-5 of Nov with masses every day for all the hard ship that our church is gowing through. Prayer and fasting have moved mountains in the past. i am sure our lord will protect his church and people.
sometimes the tree is allowed to be shacken for it to build stronger roots in the ground

Posted by: Jacquie Malak | 03 November 2005

So much for the claim by Muslims that the Israelis are "aggressors" - Are the Copts "aggressors" as well? What about all of the other Chrstian sects throughout Africa who are constantly butchered by "peace loving muslims"?

Here is a question: Why do the Muslims get bent out of shape when they hear a RUMOR about the desecration of a Q'uran at Guantanamo, but they are happy to butcher Christians and Jews? Are their priorities screwed up or what?

Islam is a religion of Death worshippers not a religion of peace - Lets call a spade a spade - Islam is the bane of humanity, the root of all evil in the world, the source of burning hatred for peace loving peoples who choose to exercise their free will. What can you expect from a religion founded by a pedophile, a pederast who entreats his enemies with betrayal? There was no honor in Mohammed. Why should we expect the same of his followers?

Posted by: Moshe the Jew | 03 November 2005

hey moshe the jew, i know this is a dumb question. but are you jewish?

Posted by: Copt for Life | 03 November 2005

Islam is a CANCER in the body of humanity that must be eradicated immediately!!

Posted by: Mark | 03 November 2005

wow, oculdn't have said it better myself. Im just astonished at how so many people over the generations ave continued to follow in the path of a murdering pedephile! he was an illiterate pervert who made up stories to achieve sexual satisfaction and profit from those around him. HOnestly, i've seen dozens of quotes from the koran where mohamed explained the same FARYTALE story so many ways, it made him lose all credibility for his words.
WHen will muslim people snap ou tof it and leave that putrid cult they call a religion?

Posted by: anonymous | 03 November 2005

wow, oculdn't have said it better myself. Im just astonished at how so many people over the generations ave continued to follow in the path of a murdering pedephile! he was an illiterate pervert who made up stories to achieve sexual satisfaction and profit from those around him. HOnestly, i've seen dozens of quotes from the koran where mohamed explained the same FARYTALE story so many ways, it made him lose all credibility for his words.
WHen will muslim people snap ou tof it and leave that putrid cult they call a religion?

Posted by: anonymous | 03 November 2005

iam from india where christianity is a minority including
islam in india the majority hindu population also persuate
the minorities this has been a habit to all the majorities of
the world but though we are a minority we pray and we donot take revenge it is for the lord to take revenge and this is happening in india results:tusnami,earthquakes,terroist attack large number of people are dying even though they donot kown the reason we are happy for god had answered our prayers this example should be an eye opener to all the counties which persecate christians and be aware of this fact but the fools must reap their cosecenses GOD IS ALMIGHTY AND HIS ANGER IS GREAT

Posted by: jetty paul | 05 November 2005

All these things are just fulfilling Bible prophecy. Thank you! Cruel actions places us in the last days and soon God will bring about justice!! - 2Tim 3:16,17 Because realy only God has the right to punish people and cause justice to take place..........

Posted by: Anonymous | 14 November 2005

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