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22 October 2005

Islamic Riot in Alexandria againist Christians - Time Line

medium_mostafa_bakry.jpg10/03/2005 ::
 - Mr. Mostafa El Bakry, Chief Editor and CEO of  El Osboa Newspaper stated  that a play was performed at Saint George and Antonious Coptic Church, that insulted Islam and the Muhamed the profit. He demanded an apology from the church and the Pope.
 - Same week, Thousands of CDs were distributed in Cairo colleges and labeled "Ramadan Gift". The CD contained the Play. In the begining of the play there was a comment; "This play is blessed and approved by Pope Shenouda" ...This CD was distributed by either Islamic extremists and/or Security Forces.
 - El Sheikh Aly Gomaa from El Azhar and Pope Shenouda confirmed that the play did not insult Muslims.
 10/14/2005 ::
 - After Friday's prayers, around 5,000 Muslims created a demonstration and headed to Saint George and Antonious Coptic Church.
 - They tried to enter the church, but the police stopped them
 - They released a statement that the pope must apologize, or else !!
 10/19/2005 ::
 - Nun Sarah got stabbed five times by the church doors and Mr. Kamal Michelle got stabbed one while defending here.
 - Security arrested the stabber, who was shouting "Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar"
 - After Friday's prayer and around 12 noon , 10,000 protestors gathered in front of Saint George and Antonious Church.  And started a RIOT,
 they threw heavy rocks, try to enter, destroy and burn burn the church but the security were there and no one was able to get in.
 - By the time of their Break-Fast and around 6:00 p.m., they ate in the street while security forces are watching ... Then they attacked the surrounding churches; seven churches to be exact; throwing rocks. They succeed to burn several churches after stealing its belongings. They burned bibles in multiple churches [watch our video].
 - They looted 25 stores and burned multiple cars, all owned by Christian stole
 - Some islamic properties got damaged as well
 - This continued till  4 am. Unfortunately the police lost control.
 Al-Fagr Newspaper revealed the threats made against the Pope
 - The Extremists approved the murder of POPE, "God wills it, they say"
 - Multiple threats against priests and Coptic businessmen.
 - The Extremists approved the murder of  priests, pastors, and Christians civilian's; "Kill infidels, they say".

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Prayers can move mountains. Our God is alive. He heard the cries of Israel during their bondage in Egypt. He hears our prayers. H.H.Pope Shenouda broke in tears and his tears will not go in vain. Maybe God"s will that the church offers new martyrs. "thy will be done". He allowed Muslims to spread evil for 1400 years. When He died on the cross, He did it for the whole world. I pray that these Muslims see the love of God.
I heard about a conference will be held in Washington on Nov. 16. Such meeting should include all Christians. An invitation should be sent to leaders, thinkers, writers, doctors, lawyers etc. I wish to attend if I receive one. I have served my church for 60 years. I am the Founder of the Coptic Aid Foundation. God bless your eforts

Posted by: Phiip Girgis | 27 October 2005

Shame on all the newspapers that started all that by spreading lies, shame on the governments and or individuals who funds such "so called" newspapers, bigger shame on the Egyptian government for failing to respond properlyto the problem. Send the army to the streets, Police can't contain such great number of missled rioters.
The funny thing that some of these newspapers which encourage hate and violence are published and distributed here in USA for FREE, but i promise you ... we will do something about it very soon ...

Posted by: Mikhail Shafik | 28 October 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord,
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit and may you all endure through this trial of your faith. Stand strong in the power of His Strength and Might and never give one inch to the powers of darkness. Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Remember all who have gone before and love your enemies as Christ loved us, and gave Himself for us. No greater love is known then this: Jesus died for the ungodly, and through His death burial and resurrection, He reconciled us to God. The Muslim is without hope and God in this world. They need to see your love and strength in Jesus. I'll be praying for you all.

Posted by: Redruby | 28 October 2005

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