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09 February 2009

A new suspect in the murder of 3 Christians in Malatya

00000000000012.jpgIt is believed the head of an ultra nationalist organisation masterminded the execution. Five risk life in prison, two others only one year.

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27 January 2009

Saving the monastery of Mor Gabriel, to guarantee a multicultural Turkey

00012.jpgMuslim leaders are trying to destroy it, and have sued the monastery for alleged proselytism. A spiritual and cultural center for the Syriac Orthodox, it still uses ancient Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus. During the 1960's, at least 130,000 Syriacs lived in Tur Abdin. Today, there are only 3,000. The minority community hopes that the European Union will come to its defense with an appeal to Ankara

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12 September 2008

Army followed and recorded movements of Christian missionaries in Turkey

1c60fa6afccf731b39ee6e9de7ea82f9.jpgThe revelations, made by a newspaper, highlight the reports by military agents on the activities of all the Christian Churches. Meanwhile, there is tension over the visit to prison by the head of the military district of Koaceli, to the generals detained over the Ergenekon affair.

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18 May 2008

Suspects in Turkish attack accuse each other

38a35811676df18ede304c5938d7ef34.jpgAll five suspects who are on trial in Turkey for the deaths of three Christian martyrs allegedly slain in a vicious attack by Muslims who had agreed to meet them at a Bible publishing house have denied responsibility, instead pointing fingers at each other

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15 May 2008

Queen wears headscarf and slippers for visit to Turkish mosque

b0a01d7d984a5fd421525424e43c21b9.jpgHer head respectfully covered and slipper-style socks on her feet, the Queen listened intently to a reading from the Koran during a visit to Turkish mosque on Wednesday. The monarch, who's currently on a four-day visit to

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24 February 2008

Acid Attack On Two Turkish Girls For Wearing Short Skirts

5f1d63d47a87f73f679417de178f53a1.jpg1b95352f9c1c866e07b08e7787f69d0e.jpgA high school senior and an elementary school student were attacked in the Mediterranean town of Mersin with strong acid spray. In two separate incidents within the same hour both girls

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17 February 2008

Turkish PM seeks to smooth secularists’ worries

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan tried to smooth worries about secularism after the law lifting the ban on headscarf in universities and repeated his criticism against the media on Sunday.

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24 January 2008

FAITH UNDER FIRE Hearings begin in slaughter of 3 Christians

fab596dd6d964bc288f28bf4f0e1e161.jpgDetails about the martyrdom of three Christians at a Bible publishing house in Turkey last year are beginning to emerge as suspects testify in hearings, according to a report from Compass Direct News.

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08 January 2008

Turkish Police "Prevented" Pastor Assassination (UPDATE)

be6a27ec2d902d6f34a3587d3756bf67.jpg(ADDS NEWS OF BOMB BLAST IN 3RD PARAGRAPH) ISTANBUL, TURKEY (BosNewsLife)-- Turkish police have apparently prevented an attempt to assassinate the pastor of an evangelical church in the Mediterranean resort of

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18 December 2007

Another Attack on a Priest

cadf44a81d24311da3ad87fb65cc319e.jpgIn the last two years, there have been three murder cases of Christians in Turkey. Now a priest in Izmir has been wounded by a young man.

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23 November 2007

Turks in Christian murder trial

66acda869705db3c8a554994bfee3c6a.jpgThe trial has started in eastern Turkey of five men accused of killing three Christians earlier this year

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