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27 January 2013

Turkish mob threatens German soldiers

47511.jpgGerman soldiers manning Patriot missile batteries on the Turkish-Syrian border have been threatened by an angry mob of demonstrators thought to be from a left-wing nationalist youth group.

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28 December 2012


moslem-bonzen.jpgMuslims Demand That NSU Kebab Murders be Included in German School Curriculum

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24 December 2012

Salafist video threatens to take German hostages

46885.jpgThe three-minute video, posted on an Islamist page, praises the "lion Murat K." and promises, "We will not rest until we have freed you from captivity."

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02 December 2012

Bremen grants holidays to Muslim workers

46499.jpg"I am delighted because Islam and Muslims are part of our city and part of our life," said the mayor of the city state, Jens Böhrnsen, after signing the deal with representatives of the local Muslim community.

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12 November 2012

German School Pupils Now Regularly Receive "Birthday Beatings" From Muslim Classmates

_origin_Love-Hate-18.jpgInstead of congratulations and gifts there were bruises to the face and arms: A Neukölln school pupil was so badly beaten by his schoolmates on his birthday that he required

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22 October 2012

A German Court Fines A Dentist for Refusing to Employ A Muslim Headscarfed Woman

 20100614_IslamDominate.jpg(QNA) -A German court has ordered a dentist to pay 1,500 euros ($1,966) in damages to a young muslim woman because she declined to remove her headscarf.

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14 October 2012

Defending Islam, With Violence: Trial Of Salafist Man Rivets Germany

f85daa3368ee4051950462a9a888588e_trial.jpg"You have to use violence to defend Islamic values?" asks the judge.

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12 September 2012

German Welfare System Supports Muslim Polygamy

17195408,14436131,highRes,maxh,480,maxw,480,4338E2B4_jpg.jpgThe SPD [Socialist Party] Neukölln is kicking up a fuss again: it has information that second

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31 August 2012

'Humiliating!' Anti-radicalism campaign causes outrage among German Muslims

sueddeutschecom-image_n.jpgA German ad campaign aimed at fighting Islamist radicalism has provoked an incensed response from offended Muslims.

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29 August 2012

Germany: Turkish Muslims Hope for More Muslims Than Christians

article-2036172-0DD5493B00000578-726_634x410.jpgIntegration may even be unattainable if the younger generation of Turkish-Germans increasingly continues to embrace Islam.

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Almost 70% of Criminals in Berlin are of Immigrant Origin

uni_christian-student-iran.jpgChief police Koppers had assembled the current data sets in such a way that alongside age and social structure, the question of immigrant background also played an important role.

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