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01 March 2007

Islam is taking over, says Dutch politician

medium_wdutch01.jpgAn anti-immigrant politician is making a meteoric rise with his call on the Dutch - once one of the most tolerant nations in the world - to stop Islam taking over Europe.

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02 December 2006

4 Dutch Muslims convicted of terror plan

medium_00000000000.4.jpg(yahoo news) AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A court convicted four Dutch Muslims on Friday of plotting terrorist attacks and sentenced them to up to

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09 June 2006

Angus Reid Global Scan : Polls & Research Islam Incompatible with Europe, Say Dutch

medium_200000000000000000.jpg(Angus Reid Global Scan) – Many adults in the Netherlands hold strong views on the way Muslims adapt to the European continent, according to a poll by Motivaction released by GPD. 63 per cent of respondents believe think Islam is incompatible with modern European life.

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26 May 2006

Double Standards Toward Islam & Christianity

medium_carton_100.jpgI once had a boss who strictly followed corporate policies prohibiting name calling that involved race, gender or ethnicity, but never disciplined a worker who liked to rant about the "white boys

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12 March 2006

Holland launches the immigrant quiz

TWO MEN kissing in a park and a topless woman bather are featured in a film that will be shown to would-be immigrants to the Netherlands

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19 January 2006

Moroccan Muslims intimidate Dutch residents who flee homes - -Amsterdam Mayor warns situation is "about to explode

ast article Theo van Gogh wrote about a couple in the Diamond neighborhood who had been intimidated by Muslim Moroccan youth into leaving- and ended with the words "How long until no Dutch people will be welcome in Amsterdam"?

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08 December 2005

Theo van Gogh's killer blames leaders for conflict

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The jailed killer of a Dutch filmmaker, on trial along with 13 others suspected of plotting attacks and belonging to a militant group, blamed world leaders for fuelling international conflict at his trial on Thursday.

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