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24 December 2011

Aisha Khan 'Abduction' — Was It a Hoax?

Aisha Khan was only missing for a few days before investigators discovered she was not abducted. It was an intense couple of days, and a lot of resources used. So was this "abduction" a hoax, or just the result of a family in panic?


When 19-year-old college student Aisha Khan was reported missing, her family was insistent that she was abducted by a "drunken stranger." She had left "panicked" text messages about an altercation with the man, and had called leaving a voice mail on her sister's phone about "how scared" she was. However, her sincerity was immediately questioned and for good reason.

Investigators found Aisha and announced that she was in no way in danger and was most definitely not abducted. So where was she and why did her family hit the media with this story of a drunk homeless man abducting the student? They had even attracted the attention of a national foundation run by the parents of a murdered teen. But for what?

Where was Aisha Khan?

Where was the 19-year-old Kansas college student? If she wasn't abducted, then what was she doing? Why did she leave texts and a voice mail indicating she was in danger? A public Facebook page called "Help Find Aisha Khan" has tons of comments from people who've been following this disappearance. In particular, the most recent comments demand an answer for why this seemed like a hoaxed abduction. In fact, it's widely discussed on the Facebook community page that the girl was trying to run from a "forced marriage."

It's not an entirely improbable thought. Aisha is a 19-year-old girl who is already married. She's from a muslim family who appears to be quite traditional, as is she with wearing the traditional muslim garments. It's being speculated on her community page that she staged an abduction hoax to get away from the forced marriage she was living in. This is completely unsubstantiated, but it is a viable theory. Nonetheless, until her family (or she) addresses the public with what happened, speculations will remain.

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