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25 November 2009

Open Letter to President Mubarak, of Egypt, to Urgently Intervene on Behalf of the Abused Christians of Egypt

nov222009_farshout_6.jpgCanadian Coptic Association
Middle East Christian Association
Contact: Dr. Selim Naguib, Founder, Canadian Coptic Association, 514-569-6507 cell, 514-485-1533 fax, ssnaguib@sympatico.ca, ssnaguib@hotmail.com

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24 November 2009

christian economy are breakdown by muslims in upper egypt

_farshout_7.jpgThis vedio are appear muslim's when attack to all of treader in city called farshout in upper egypt . this is exposure of economy breakdown for christian . in last 21 this month all of youth muslim in this city r attack to all of christian shop , gold shop , market shop, combuter shop , all of shop in farshout city and

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23 November 2009

Christian Riots Spread in Upper Egypt

abou choucha12-09.jpgOn Monday November 23, 2009 Muslim rioters looted and burned Coptic Christian businesses in the village of Abou Shousha, which lies 25 KM from Farshoot. The terrorized Coptic inhabitants of Abou Shusha have stayed indoors, their shops are closed and their children are being kept away from

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22 November 2009

Muslim Mob Attacks Thousands of Coptic Christians in Egypt

nov222009_farshout_8.jpgAs of Saturday, November 21, 2009 the Egyptian town of Farshoot, located 300 miles south of Cairo, and the neighboring villages of Kom Ahmar, Shakiki and Ezbet Waziri, have been the scenes of massive Muslim mob attacks against Coptic Christian inhabitants. The mob looted, vandalized and burnt Coptic properties estimated for six million Egyptian pounds (over one million dollars), while

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